the BIG idea

The Principle of Chiropractic is Huge!  It is so huge, that it’s the biggest Principle that I have ever heard of or know.  It is a Principle that Chiropractors from around the world have dedicated their lives to teaching it to every person they come in contact with.  A Principle that every man, woman and child need to hear to ensure optimal life and health.  It’s the Principle that, God, Who made the body, heals the body...that when God created us in His image, through His amazing and real Power, He breathed life into our bodies and created and blessed us with this Innate Wisdom to control and regulate every action and/ or reaction the body has.  It is Him Who heals, that no shot, potion, pill, lotion, surgery or procedure can heal the way He can.  It’s a Principle that when this life that flows through us is slowed down, restricted, decreased, or shut off, the body’s life and health are also slowed down, restricted, decreased, or shut off.  It is a Principle that
understands that spinal misalignments, subluxations, are the cause of this decrease in life, and that if and when present in the body, the body can’t, and will not function and heal properly causing illness, disease and early death!

Dr. Fred Barge, professor, author and legend in chiropractic wrote;
“Chiropractic is a profession with a limited scope of practice that has broad body
implications.  Holding forth the concept that only the body heals, chiropractors can
accept any case as long as they have a subluxation (spinal misalignment, restricting life,
causing death).  For as long as a subluxation can be reduced, improving the nervous
system communication, the body itself may augment its own Innate forces to heal.  Even
though today many chiropractors lack understanding of this principle, the chiropractic
profession should not let them limit its true destiny.”

So as Dr. Barge writes, when subluxations are present, disease, sickness or illness is present!  And as long as subluxations are there, they can be removed, thus allowing lifeto again flow from the brain, down the spinal cord, out the nerves to every organ, cell and tissue in the body, which allows the body to again function and heal the way God has created the body.  
Understand that the mission of Chiroprac-tic, and Chiroprac-tors is huge.  It’s a mission that God gave to D.D. Palmer in a vision back in 1895.  It’s a Principle, and a mission that enables people to live life to the fullest.  And the reason why Principled Chiropractic offices, like this one, are so busy, is because if the principle of chiropractic and God’s healing Power dies, we all die long, diseased agonizing deaths going through surgery after surgery, taking drug after drug, only to get worse...only to cause more subluxation,  more death, more disease.  
You and I have heard the truth, and daily grow in its understanding and application of this Principle.  We have seen the results of understanding and practicing the Principle of Life and Chiropractic, yet there are many out in our families and in our community that
are dying unnecessarily from barbaric drugs and surgeries.  It is up to you and I to now tell the world about chiropractic, subluxation and God’s amazing healing Power, to allow others to also be healed from ABOVE-DOWN-INSIDE-OUT!
Photo by Ximagination/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Ximagination/iStock / Getty Images