Ten Foods. Our journey against Excess.

We have started on a journey. 30 days. 10 foods. Countless lessons to be learned. This is not a radical diet to slim is down but Ten is a exercise in getting back to the basics and seeing the effect of having little. This was spurred on by Jen Hatmaker and her book, "7". Kat and I have been reading through this book for a couple months and it was some of the action step ideas we were looking for. For our whole family. It is a constant uphill battle to shield ourselves and our kids from the desire for more and more STUFF. Our first step last month was purging possessions. We gave away and got rid of 7 things per day. It is incredible how many things we keep around our home that could be used by others in need. This month we started Food. Ten foods. 

1. Chicken 2. Almonds 3. Eggs 4. Black beans 5. Avocado 6. Cucumber 7. Spinach 8. Sweet potato 9. Apples/oranges 10. Whole wheat bread

We can use olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin, red pepper, red wine vinegar and lemon juice.  

We have a few more foods because we will be doing this with our entire family, all 5 kids. Landon our middle child had the must intrigued/disturbed response of any of the kids when we began explaining what we'd be doing. But as we have gone through the restrictions many people have for food all around the world, he and the others have become more comfortable in becoming uncomfortable. For now.