The Reward of Following Wisdom

So in my bedroom I have a bookshelf that is about 7 feet tall. On the shelves are books, random magazines, worksheets and all sorts of other literature. As I walked past it the other day I haphazardly said to Katherine, "One day we're going to take the time to read these books and figure out what all we could have done better."

Wisdom is funny like that. You can have it all at your fingertips, A book you have collecting dust. A podcast that you downloaded but never took the time, while you were driving for 30 minutes to the office listening to mindless music, to listen to. A phonecall that you didn't return. A coffee chat that you blew off....It all does nothing to help you or anyone. You have to follow through.

If I could encourage you to do one thing for your life this week, it would be to follow wisdom. Simple, Biblical, Relevant wisdom. It will change your beliefs. It will transform how you take care of your health. Wisdom will challenge how you use your finances. It will revitalize your relationships. It will change you.

Live Well.