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The Truth About Vaccines and Immunizations

If you could build a Healthier family, would you? Could your family benefit from..

  • Less Doctor's Visits
  • Fewer days of school missed
  • Improved concentration
  • Dramatic increase in overall health

The research out now is astonishing:

"Children die at a rate 8 times greater than normal within three days after getting the DPT (diphtheria, pertussis/whooping cough, and tetanus) "vaccination." 

                                       -1992 study published by American Journal of Epidemiology

"Unvaccinated children have higher IQ's and less brain dysfunction than "normal" children, and are truly healthy in every way possible."

                                       -Dr. Joseph Mercola MD

"Vaccines" contain: "Thimerasol (Mercury Disinfectant/Preservative), Aluminum (additive to promote antibody response), Formaldehyde (disinfectant), Ethylene Glycol (Anti-Freeze/Deadly poison), Phenol (Disinfectant, Dye), Benzethonium Chloride (Antiseptic Cleaner), Methylparaben (Anti-fungal, preservative), Monkey Kidney Puss, and Aborted Fetal Tissue"

You wouldn't feed these things to your child, why would we inject them with it? Do you know the alternative to vaccinations? There is a Natural Healthy Way to protect yourself and your kids!

Come learn the Way to Health. Seats are limited so reserve your spot today!!


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